Sights, Bytes and Eats

Southeastern Tour Part 1 - GVegas

There's a lot of freedom in not working an 8-5. A lot. And to celebrate my first break from the 40 hour workweek in a decade, I thought it worthwhile to make a southeastern tour through some old and new stomping grounds in South Carolina and Georgia. Setting off in the AM on a September Tuesday, coffee in hand, I drove from Virginia Beach down 85 to Greenville, SC - home to some great parks, good eats and some excellent friends. It's always great to visit ol' GVegas, as it is also home to the residential arts highschool I attended.

Buttermilk-Banana Stacks with Tri-Berry Compote

Since the Manchop is studying for an upcoming exam, I have a lot of otherwise unoccupied time on my hands during weekend mornings. On this beautiful fall day, the windows are open and a nice crisp breeze flows in and out of the living room as I stand in the kitchen thinking of what to make for a late breakfast. A recent request that has come up has been for pancakes. In an effort to stay away from as much pre-processed food as possible, I look to the cupboards and start creating my own pancake mix.

Euismod Pala Saepius Sagaciter

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